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Sun Jan 26 21:38:23 UTC 2003

At 22:19 +0100 26/01/03, Christoph Cullmann wrote about Re: Fwd: 
kde.org redesign:

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|On Sunday 26 January 2003 22:01, you wrote:
|> At 21:46 +0100 26/01/03, Waldo Bastian wrote about Fwd: kde.org redesign:
|> |Hi,
|> |public beta of the new kde.org design is online at
|> | http://wwwtesting.kde.org for public review. The design is not really
|> | final, which means minor things can be changed in the next weeks, same
|> | for the XHTML and CSS code.
|> |
|> |Atm I port over the content from the old kde.org page and review it a bit.
|> |
|> |Any comments please to kde-www at kde.org or this list.
|> Hi,
|> In case you want also comments on the content I was wondering where
|> the (my)pages, kde-people were. On the current website they have a
|> link on the front page and I couldn't find it in the new design. The
|> link on the front page leads to http://www.kde.org/people.html

|No fear ;) Didn't lost them, but had no time to port them over atm, will
|follow in the next days. Btw., is the "People of KDE" stuff discontinued or
|just paused ? I really like that pages, the cool questions and the even
|better answers ;)

Thanks ;-)
Don't know yet. I working on some new ideas for the people section 
but am currently recovering from our move from California to France.
It will be another month before something new will appear.


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