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Christoph Cullmann cullmann at babylon2k.de
Thu Jan 23 21:47:49 UTC 2003

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> Some of us did real work months ago, only to be alternately ignored and
> attacked by you and Faubel.
> Try clarify the copyright and licensing as you were asked to months ago,
> then let us know what *your* proposed requirements were, and maybe then
> others can engage you in the work again.  But if our work is just going to
> be ignored or overwritten by Faubel's latest draft, there's just no point.
Sebastian's draft has now a one side menu version, can be XHTML Strict if we 
really want (in deed it is that allready in CVS), is uses only CSS for 
formating, ...... We have adopted the style of the menu code from newdesign, 
too. We changed the default color to have more contrast, ... Nearly 
everything written down on usability.kde.org is reached or in reachable 
distance. (and root66 is still cleaning up the code and design stuff atm for 
the next weeks to have a even better foundation for our webpage)

And btw., shut down your senseless copyright/licensing stuff, root66 allready 
announced in public that his stuff will be freely available for our use since 

But as you has shown above, you seem to ignore any argument if it doesn't fit 
your attitude. We had two alternatives to choose, root66's one and the one on 
usability.kde.org/newdesign, at least 2 of the 3 members of the maintaining 
team (me and physos) choosen root66's one. Jasone's mail indicated no real 
love for the choosen stuff and the kind of the process, but he didn't want to 
delay the whole stuff again and intented to start his work on the stuff in 
kde-www now again, too.

If you only want to discuss it over and over again, please leave, cu. If you 
want to help to port pages to the new stuff in kde-www, you are welcome. 
Improvements to the templates and code is welcome, too.

The KDE e.V. board is informed about the stuff in kde-www, too, and didn't 
intervent (got only the note that they would like to have a public available 
beta phase on some server before the final switch to allow review by them and 
other interested guys in the net ;) 

Now the work should be the center of that list, not again a nice little 
flamewar, therefor, please, accept the current status for the redesign:
the style is choosen, work allready on the way, kde e.V. has no probs with it, 
nor the maintaining team, help is wanted and accepted with thanks.

Or in short: "Time to help with the work" or "Time to be calm and leave".


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