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Christoph Cullmann cullmann at babylon2k.de
Tue Jan 21 22:29:53 UTC 2003

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just updated the templates to use root66 latest code, made them XHTML 1.0 
Strict compliant again, CSS validate (with some warnings), too.
Atm the hiding of the right menu doesn't work with the CSS div stuff, should 
we just add the dummy var $menu_right = 0 to all pages which don't want right 
side menu and fix that later or has somebody an idea  for the problem ?

The menu code seems to work fine with the new templates, too. As it is mostly 
rewritten stuff from usabilty, should be no problem for you to use jaseone. I 
have adjusted the menu entry font size to small, as the normal one was just 
too tall.

What is allready converted to new design from www:
The apps/kate stuff, the www/events, www/whatiskde and www/screenshots stuff 
(have done some content review for it and have fixed some old broken links, 
the large screenshots are not in kde-www atm, as they would simply only hurt 
me with their size to upload atm)

I would like to see the templates fixed in the next weeks and all core stuff 
from www.kde.org moved over for testing. After we have a working core 
www.kde.org page up in kde-www (and perhaps one or two more areas, just for 
testing our templates), we can switch it over to the real www modul.

For the extensions of the files: I would like to see the use of .php and .inc 
for the files, not the mix of php into "normal" .html files as today in www. 
All the stuff in current kde-www follows that. (for the security gurus: yeah, 
with .inc you can see the code of our includes via web, but it is in cvs for 
public access, too).


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