[Sysadmin] Re: enterprise.kde.org

Andreas Pour pour at mieterra.com
Fri Jan 17 02:17:06 UTC 2003


I have a full backup (wget mirror option) of enterprise.kde.org from Sep. 15,
2002, which I think is shortly before Bero left RedHat and the sites he hosted
there disappeared.  I realize it's not in the database format but it should be
not so hard to extract the data using a Perl or PHP script?  I dunno, if someone
wants it please let me know, the tarball is about 44KB.

I have for now put the contents of my backup at http://enterprise.kde.com/ so
you can easily see what it is.



Dirk Mueller wrote:
> On Don, 16 Jan 2003, Rainer Endres wrote:
> > Jono Bacon IIRC. The problem is/was the MySQL database, wich did not get
> > rebuild after the move from master to ktown IIRC. It needs to be restored
> > from the backups, but since I have no access to any backup of them or the
> > server they may be on, I have no chance to fix this. (sysadmin at kde.org?)
> As there are no backups and bero does not intend to give us an export of the
> one that was running on bero.org, there is no other fix other than to redo
> the database.
> We were that far a few months ago already, but since then nothing happened.
> > Is there a MYSQL database at ktown?
> Yes.

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