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Christoph Cullmann cullmann at babylon2k.de
Sat Jan 11 21:02:27 UTC 2003

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question about the next steps for the www.kde.org transition:

Should we split the transition into 2 parts:

1. Switch to new design, based on root66 proposal, with all techinal 
consequences, stepwise beginning with the kde.org mainpage.

2. Consolidation of the content, after the technical transition to the new 
design stuff is over ?

To do both design change and content change would be cool, too, but would 
perhaps cause too much changes and too much probs at the same time, splitting 
the change into 2 bit "littler" ones might make the transition bit smoother.

To change the design will take enough work at the beginning, as all pages on 
kde.org needs to be converted to use the new templates, hardcoded colors need 
to be removed, .... That will take some weeks I guess until we got it right. 
After we have that, we can concentrate on bugfixing some more minor problems 
in the design templates (which may show up after more people actually look on 
the page with the different browsers) and on the last fine tuning for the 
templates (For example integration of better style for the menu creation, 
like the stuff in kde-www module or usablity.org).

After the design stuff is done, we have time of the world for consolidate the 
content of the pages. Here would perhaps be a area by area consolidation be 
nice, which could first be tested in the kde-www module or elsewhere before 
updating the actual content on kde.org itself, as the content changes will 
need much review before we let them go "really" online.

Comments ?


Sorry that I was a inactive the last weeks, but had too much to work for our 
university project :/

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