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Mon Jan 6 22:57:26 UTC 2003

Hey again

On Monday 06 January 2003 23:39, Rainer Endres Rainer Endres 
<endres at> wrote to kde-www at, sysadmin at

> Can please somebody explain to me why is using absolute
> "" links? ;)

Because every page is including them and they are wrong for subdirectories.
This is not a nice thing. There are several solutions for this, but I think 
they are not really worth the effort.

> All mirrors are only mirroring the front page basically, the
> complete menu is external for the mirrors and using the main site at TT.

not nice, but nothing to change before the revision.

> I will change this tomorrow, when nobody can tell me a good reason for not
> using relative links.

I will not, because I told myself a good reason. 

Time for sleep, I think.


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