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Mon Jan 6 10:53:13 UTC 2003

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On Monday 06 January 2003 08:34, Feisal Umar wrote:
> Dear Sir/Madam
> As part of our contribution towards the community (we have been
> following KDE's development ever since KDE1), we wish to provide a
> mirror for the website Please review our
> offer accordingly.
> The mirror is currently located at
> I would welcome it if you would add a record in your DNS (something like
> which is already pre-configured in our Apache) for the
> sake of uniformity with the other mirrors.
> The server IP is
Have CC'ed this mail to the sysadmins of our * stuff.

> The following are the details you require of us as detailed in your
> Country: MALAYSIA
> Location: Kuala Lumpur
> Owner: Webcraft Sdn Bhd
> Name: Webcraft Solutions (info at
> Admin: webmaster at
> I would appreciate it if you only use the above details, and not my
> personal email address/name.
Sure, after got reply from sysadmins will add that entry to the page.

> Please do contact me if you wish for further details.
> Thank you.
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