Help requested

Sebastian Faubel s.faubel at
Fri Jan 3 12:37:22 UTC 2003

Hello people,

Hereby I request your support. I'm getting tired of spending really a
lot of time in designing, programming, finding solutions and reading
critics, etc. and doing that whole thing all alone.

Not that i don't like your criticism, advices and comments - i thank you
for that - but what I rellay could use to get this thing forward, is
your help!

I do not have all the time of the world to make everything on that
website, and a lot of mistakes or sloppiness is caused by that. 

Short said:
It is impossible for me to go on like that. I have other projects too,
which enable me to earn money for living and finally I'm not willing to
spend all of my freetime in front of my computer-screens.

I appeal to you, not only to supply critics and bug reports in future,
but also solutions. If you say this code is not good, please do so, but
also provide me with better everybody is satisfied.

I need your help if we want to get this thing done.



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