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Fri Jan 3 01:18:55 UTC 2003

On Thursday 02 January 2003 20:40, Christoph Cullmann wrote:
> under now the latest proposal from root66 is online.
> What should I say much about it, go and take a look.

Few remarks: (mostly details ;-)

* I guess you already know that the html source doesn't validate ;-)

* Like Dre said, do not require JavaScript. On a related note, *never* use 
'javascript:' or '#' links. (Unless '#' == top of the page, which is 

* For people who like to visit the site using telnet and read the source... 
e.g. <div id="r5c2e7_ann"> isn't clear. What's that? Row 5, column 2, 
E-blahblah, Ann who???
Simply use id="announcements" so every potential web designer understands it. 
Makes life easier for us :-)

* When you can, try to avoid the B and the BR elements. (Sometimes called Bed 
and BReakfast ;-) They are used for presentational purposes, which is what 
xhtml & css are trying to avoid. See
(Is the same reason why TABLE should be avoided too...)

* Use the CITE element for citations

* Also the ACRONYM element would useful
e.g. explaining what WYSIWYG, CVS, IRC, PIM are...

* There is a H1 element missing.
<cite>Headings should reflect the logical structure of the document; they 
should not be used simply to add emphasis, or to change the font size.</cite>
Meaning: You should use <h1> tag when your page contains <h2> and <h3> tags.
When those headers are used in the correct way, you should see a correct 
"outline" of your page. See:

* Remark about the scripts:
Why use
$rdf_pieces = $news->openRDF("");
in www/testing/media/includes/content.php ?
Since every mirror contains /dot/rdfplus wouldn't it be better to use that 
file directly instead of making a connection? Would be much quicker... and 
makes my local (testing) mirror work again. (Doesn't work behind my 
ISP's proxy :-p )

Well... that's about it, i guess :-)
I can honestly say this proposal looks *much* better than our current site.

// Andy Goossens

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