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On Monday 30 December 2002 19:54, kwt wrote:

> I wish I did not have to log in to submit a report. I feel that logging in
> is like having a deep intimate relationship and I don't want to have to
> remember a password in order to give a report on somthing that will help us
> all down the line.

Well, the way that our bugs database works is to require accounts.

Also, bug reports can be useful and they can be not useful. Having a system 
that requires login means that the user has to spend a bit longer creating an 
account, although the kind of user that is willing to create an account is 
likely to be the user that will give a more useful bug report.

> I wish the link for remembering the password would just email me my old
> password to the account I first logged in with.  Instead I get an email
> saying if I really want to change it then I have to submit my current one
> in order to change it to a new one. If I could remember what it was to
> change it then I could remember it to log in.

You're sent an e-mail containing a link that you need to click on. I don't see 
the difficulty with that. It probably _can't_ send your password to you 
because the password is stored in an encrypted form.

> Why the secrecy?  If I or someone posing as me has asked to have the
> password for KDE bugs then what does it matter that I or someone posing as
> me has to log in to my own email in order to see your email to me for what
> the password is.  It seems ridiculous to me.  I can remember my own email
> password. I don't do bug reports often enough to memorize that password. 
> KDE should just email the password directly to the person not provide
> another link.

It's just the way that our bugs database, bugzilla, works.

> Could you please mail the KDE bug report password to watercrocus at

See above -- it's probably not possilble because it's stored in encrypted 

Thanks for making the effort to reports bugs.

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