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Hi Anne-Marie,

On Friday 28 February 2003 14:52, Mahfouf Anne-Marie wrote:

> Basically, could someone hint me on how to get started on that? Maybe that
> could help other people as well.


> In the website, I have a kdedu.css, templ-begin.html, templ-end.html so I
> guess I just need the corresponding file names and start here. Any tip you
> feel can help a newbie would also be appreciated.

These files won't be needed with the new site.

The first thing to bear in mind is that the files for the new site will be
under www/areas/edu[tainment] rather than using the current
dedicated module.

This will ensure that all of the style sheet, template files etc are the same
ones as used by the main site, and we don't need any silly duplication like
we had under the old site. Then, make sure all the files look something like

- ---------------------start

  $site_title = "KDE 2.0.1 Info Page";
  $site_root = "../";
  $site_onemenu = true;
  include "";

[the actual content goes here]

  include "";

- -------------------end

The site will automatically use the new style sheets etc.

You'll also need some files to build the sidebars. Take a look at to see how it's done in the www module for Also take a 
look under www/apps/konqueror -- I've started the new site, but haven't had 
time to port much of the content over yet so so far it's very simple.
If you want, I'll have a go at porting the site over soon, but first of all I
need to finish some PHP classes I'm writing, port, port, and port I can't give a time scale at the
moment I'm afraid ;)

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