new page layout

Diego Iastrubni iastrubn at
Thu Feb 27 23:34:58 UTC 2003


As a happy kde user, I simple dont like the new page, since it look too 
simple. The old one look better.  Anothetr thing is when making the fonts 
bigger, the old one beheaved better.

I have been talking the irc with Kullman, and I see that there are a lot of 
other problems:

* the color changing does not affect nothing yet
* chooseing the language will not help yet.

But as I understand those things will be fixed soon. 

My first impression when I saw the new page was that the margins are too big 
and they are overcrouding the main part of the site. It currently uses a 
20-60-20 layout. which means that the ratio between the main part  of the 
site and the margins is 4:6. That's barly 2:3, too close imho.
I suggest changing the ration to 15:70:15, which basicly looks good andgive 
much more place for the main text 7:3 more them twise space for the main 
page. I also tried 10:80:10 and it looks even better, however when making the 
fonts bigger the page gets messed too much.

I hope you find my ideas helpful, and I would be more then happy if you apply 
them and then pay me ;-),

- diego

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