New Linux Online Magazine - Could you help get the word out?

James Colannino email2jamez at
Thu Feb 27 06:46:53 UTC 2003

Hi there.  My name is James Colannino and I just launched a new Linux 
online magazine called, "The New Penguin Times."  I hope to host 
articles, how-to's, columns, etc. on a myriad of topics for Linux, but 
as of this moment, I have no money to advertise the site, and also have 
no experience with promotion; only development.

The URL is:  If that doesn't work for 
any reason, I also have my old standby which isn't as pretty, but is 
guaranteed to work.  It is:

I know that this is a small scale website, but I'm sure that every 
website must start out small scale at one point or another and that it 
is just the varying degrees of financial support as well as the backing 
of other people that determine how far a website goes (of course, I 
guess the design and content are the most important and influential 
elements.)  I currently have no money as of yet that I can spend on 
promotion, but I have a deep passion for the Open Source movement as 
well as the Linux Operating System and would love to see this website 
become a success.

I was hoping that you could help in some way to get the word out.  Maybe 
print a small anouncement somewhere on the site in a place that won't 
distract others from your content.  I can place a button or banner from 
your site to mine, although I'm not sure whether or not such an exchange 
would benefit you that much seeing as how you are a much larger 
organization and probably have plenty of support as it is.

Whether there is anything you can do to help me get the word out or not, 
I appreciate you taking the time to read this email and thank you in 

Best Regards,

James Colannino
The New Penguin Times: A New Linux Online Magazine

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