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On Tuesday 25 February 2003 21:59, Pavel Franc wrote:
> >>apparently there is a problem with the php when register_globals is off.
> >>you can see that you have a menu on (which is on a server
> >>with register_globals on) and (which is on a server
> >>with register globals off).
> >>
> >>Can somebody of the php gods look into this?
> >
> > $DOCUMENT_ROOT doesn't work with globals off.  You have to use
> > $_SERVER["DOCUMENT_ROOT"], which of course breaks the use of
> > $DOCUMENT_ROOT inside double quotes.
> Hi guys.
> Just for your information - is using the new
> design either. I experienced problems with inclusions since I'm not
> allowed to change the include_path in PHP.ini. The easy solution is to use
>   include_once ("$site_root/media/includes/");
>   insted of  include_once ("");
> And the same for I sugested to change this on your site
> either to awoid this problem on mirrors.
But $site_root is not defined on the other mirrors, I guess. Can't the php 
include path changed via .htaccess files, too, without requiring admin access 

> Moreover, can somebody of the php gods help me with the following thing:
> In proces of parsing rdf data file there is some date manipulation like
>    $t = kde_parse_date ($date[1]);
>    $printDate2 = date ("d", $t)." ".date ("F", $t);
> The first part is fine but the month is renurned in english which is not
> nice on localized page. Is there any way how to force date funcion to
> return localized month or any quick hack to function
> kde_parse_date($date).
> Thanks
> Pavel

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