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Olaf Jan Schmidt ojschmidt at kde.org
Tue Feb 25 09:53:15 UTC 2003

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[Christoph Cullmann]
> > 3. The settings dialog needs a lot of work
> not relevant for plain page usage ;)

Sure, but removing all stuff that is not implemented is necessary.
Can also be removed in 1 min. ;)

> won't be that big problem (and one more reason to switch now and not
> later, before we got more out of sync content)

I agree.

> > 5. The home page still has the style switcher I added to help testing
> > the different styles. I would prefer having a vote for the default
> > style before we switch, as I personally don't like the Window Colour
> > Style at all, but if we have the vote after switching, then the
> > voting mechanism needs to be ready and explained on the home page.
> can be removed in 1 min ;)

So there won't be a vote for the default style? (Why not?)
Or do you plan to do this later? (Why wait?)

The styles are ready for the vote since a few weeks, we are only waiting 
for the maintainers to agree or disagree with Dre setting up the voting 

> > 7. It would be nice to have a set of well fitting logos for each
> > kde.org that gets ported. Should I send a mail to
> > kde-artists at mail.kde.org ? Which logos exactly would be needed apart
> > from Kate, KDE e.V., sysadmin, accessibility and usability?
> sure, but out of my experience you will surely get no response I guess
> ;)

Maybe I will ask there once I know for sure which will be the default 


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