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Olaf Jan Schmidt ojschmidt at kde.org
Mon Feb 24 21:45:24 UTC 2003

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[Christoph Cullmann]
> is there any stuff missing for switch or are we ready ?

1. You already mentioned the html / php problem. Some manual redirects for 
stuff that got moved into subdiretories will also be needed.

2. The HTML renders strange on some versions of the Internet Explorer, as 
I found out yesterday in an Internet Café.
width="0" is not interpreted correctly, so the menu columns are starting 
2-3 pixels below the middle column.

Maybe this can be fixed by replacing it with

  <td width="0" colspan="2"></td>
  <td width="0"></td>
  <td width="0" colspan="2"></td>
  <td width="0"></td>
  <td colspan="2">Page content</td>
  <td width="0"></td>
  <td>Left menu</td>
  <td>Right menu</td>

3. The settings dialog needs a lot of work

4. http://wwwtesting.kde.org/download/ is horribly out of date. Maybe this 
is also true for a lot of other changes that have been commited to www, 
but not to kde-www. (Sorry, I currently don't have time to check.)

5. The home page still has the style switcher I added to help testing the 
different styles. I would prefer having a vote for the default style 
before we switch, as I personally don't like the Window Colour Style at 
all, but if we have the vote after switching, then the voting mechanism 
needs to be ready and explained on the home page.

6. I think we still need some thoughts about how to deal with other 
subsites of kde.org, like the extention of the search function with a 
foo.kde.org search, etc. It would of course be possible to do this after 

7. It would be nice to have a set of well fitting logos for each kde.org 
that gets ported. Should I send a mail to kde-artists at mail.kde.org ? 
Which logos exactly would be needed apart from Kate, KDE e.V., sysadmin, 
accessibility and usability?


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