kdenetwork-3.1.tar.bz2 - directory checksum error

Kamath, Arvind arvind_kamath at groton.pfizer.com
Thu Feb 20 19:07:52 UTC 2003

Hi Chris,
   I guess the bug still exists in Solaris tar, but now its pretty random.
Even though it worked for the other packages, it refused to work for this
one. I had to use a linux machine to untar it (as I didn't want to install 2
versions of tar on Solaris) and it worked fine.

Thanks for your help

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Hi Arvind,

On Thursday 20 February 2003 16:13, Kamath, Arvind wrote:
>   I tried. The previous version was downloaded several days back.. I tried
> again today.. same result. I know there was an issue earlier with Solaris
> tar and GNU tar not giving consistent results regarding checksum, however
> this time, even the configure files were not present in the directory
> created. Besides, the other archives work fine with Solaris tar.
> So far, I've bunzipped and untarred the following:
> arts
> kdelibs
> kdebase
> kdeaddons
> kdemultimedia
> kdegraphics
> kdeadmin
> kdeutils
> kdepim
> kdeadmin

That's weird. I take it your not using "md5sum" or a similar program to get
checksum? If there's a md5sum program for Solaris, can you run it on the 
kdenetwork file and compare it to the md5 checksum listed on this page:


You should be able to work out whether it's being downloaded correctly at 

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