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> They, the comboboxes, are too big RELATIVELY and they are too much in
> the way VISUALLY...  I am using all default settings.
> The usability folks have found a good solution, and if people really
> don't like that, can't we at least try to find another one instead of
> claiming it's all good and solved and decided?
I simply see no better placement which does not destroy the whole layout even 
more, the placement on usability is even worse if you try it with this 
layout, as the combo will be much to big for the menubar.

> > The stylesheet merely requests a normal site, no bigger, no smaller.  So
> > to shrink the font, to ask for a size smaller than the user's own
> > settings, would be to diminish readability.
> Yeah, I'm talking about relative sizes.
> Please, let's avoid this talk of telling users to reconfigure their
> machines and find a good default instead.  The whole "Website
> Settings" thing is, honestly, foolish IMHO.
> (sorry for the caps and other textual constructs above that may or may
> not denote passion, I'm trying to get my point across to the people in
> charge)
If you have wrong settings for your relative sized fonts, that can't be fixed 
on the server side. Here it looks with default kde 3.1 just perfect and at 
work it looks in IE 6 good, too. (And in kde 3.1 at work, too) If the fonts 
are to big on your system that is a local problem, not a problem of our CSS 
file nor of our code. Perhaps simply your dpi settings for X11 are to low  
(like 75 instead of 100) or the settings are totally borked.


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