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On Monday 03 February 2003 23:42, Olaf Jan Schmidt wrote:
> [Christoph Cullmann]
> > Yes ;) via $site_logo now the logo is changable ;)
> Great. Now we need a new logo to be used on all sites that don't have
> there own logo, so we can officially disallow all other sub sites to use
> the logo.
> Is the background of the logo somewhere available? And which font was
> used? Without these two things, it will be very difficult to create logos
> that fit into the layout.
There are now real resources about that logo available, therefor it must be 
redone. Here are the stuff on which the original logo is based:

The "acqua-esque KDE gear" is a 64x64 KMenu Icon taken from the Crystal
Iconset, which can be found here: 
The blue gradient KDE gear is taken from a splash-screen also originated
by everaldo. Can be found at:

> > Yes, backlink should be there, but not that central in the menu (as I
> > know myself and how easy I click just on the first link in a menu and
> > think: hu, where I am now ;)
> I agree. It should be either the second link or the last one. But how
> should it be called, if not "KDE Home"?
KDE Home is good.

> Olaf.

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