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Mon Feb 3 21:19:25 UTC 2003

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Hi Christoph!

I had a look at the technical side of the current source code, and I am very impressed with the 
clean and stable solution you came up with. The source code is usable by 
alternative browsers, and it works around a number of implementation bugs 
in both Konqueror (sometimes wrong search box size in KDE 3.0.x) and 
Netscape 4.7

- From a purely technical point of view (ignoring all colour issues), this 
is the best implementation I have seen so far, as all other code designs 
have small rendering problems in KDE 3.0.5a (and some other browsers).

I would like to ask those who are currently very unhappy with to keep in mind that Christoph asked for suggestions 
for a new colour scheme. I am impressed by some of the colour schemes 
that have been suggested on this list, and I will probably also provide a 
new suggestion myself.

Christoph, is it possible to implement switching between several CSS 
layouts for I think all work should be done in the 
kde-www CVS module, rather then numerous patches posted to the list. Then 
it would be easier to improve the different suggestions, and then pick 
one based on feedback.

Anyway, thanks everyone for your improvements and suggestions for!

I am planning to do some other small changes to if no 
one opposes this:

1. Move impressum.php to contact/

2. Split the "Home" link in the Kate and KDE e.V. sites into "KDE Home" 
and "Kate Home" resp. "KDE e.V. Home"

3. Restructure "Related links" by merging "Development" into "Develop" and 
merging "Look & Feel" into "Community" (or just switching "Artists" and 
"Accessibility Project")

4. Change "for Unix workstations" into "for Unix and Linux computers" 
unless I get flamed for this one ;-)

5. I am also planning to implement shortcuts for browsers that support it, 
but as I don't know php very well, I will need some help with this.


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