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Mon Feb 3 20:45:17 UTC 2003

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On Monday February 03, 2003 12:37, Timo A. Hummel wrote:
> - Everything is *way* too huge. Most people can see pretty clearly and
> have sufficient resolutions to look at regular font sizes. People are
> using their browser's settings to increase the font size if necessary.

Yes, but the point of using decent sizes is to accomodate all, not just to 
accomodate "most."  If you think it's too large, then shrink *your* 
browser's font sizes.

> - The colors are pretty ugly. The logo has smooth colors, and the rest
> of the overall design has very strong colors, which doesn't look
> professional (I guess we want to introduce "our" project as a
> professional one, raising interest in the scene)

Ahem.. colors are "professional" now?

> - The contrast is very low. If you aim to serve disabled people who
> can't see, big fonts without much contrast isn't very good.

Contrast looks rather good to me.  The gray could be lightened a little, 
but most of the text is black or dark blue on white background.

> - The two column layout is very bad for people with low resolutions,
> since they have to scroll alot. I prefer a top-down layout, with a
> menubar on top and the submenu in the left column.

Menu before the important content makes no sense to me.

> I have prepared an inspiration which addresses all of these issues
> (don't complain about the text sizes :), maybe it will be of some use:

I think it'd be more useful to see an inspiration implemented with html.  
Then we could test it in a variety of conditions.

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