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Mon Feb 3 16:21:02 UTC 2003

I'm in strong opposition to further changes to the html data of wwwtesting.
If we start questioning that again now we will really not finish anything in
months. What we need to do is making the html data is fixing remaining weak
points in compatibility and flexibility (of which I don't see any anymore so
I'd call it finished).

Those who think it doesn't look professional enough should cut their voice
and instead contribute CSS files including the kind of design and color
schemes they prefer. The site is intended to have a "website settings" after all so
everyone can get his/her favorite design as long as they are actually
getting contributed.

I attached three CSS files for a start:

classic.css copies the look of the current kde.org site while giving it a
more polished feel thanks to the new "engine".
endres.css is a more polished version of Rainer's CSS hack.
usability.css is a airy and low contrast look similar to but imo better than
the one by Jason.

My suggestion is that we keep such a collection of color schemes/designs
available through wwwtesting's "website settings" and make the one the default
which gets the most votes on looky (after announcing it on dotty so the
audience is a little more balanced).

And now stop flaming and questioning around but instead contribute your
personal favorite color scheme/design.

Thank you.

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