Why NS4 instead accessibility compatibility out of the blue?

Datschge at gmx.net Datschge at gmx.net
Sun Feb 2 15:29:31 UTC 2003

Why are we now suddenly forking the whole wwwtesting data just for make the
site "compatible" for the already more than obsolete NS4? Sebastian created
his first design draft with NS4 compatibility in mind and got flamed for this,
then he contributes a second design draft which doesn't care about NS4
compatibility, got a way with tables for increased accessibility, and someone is
doing the same work he did before again... Why don't we just hide the CSS file
from NS4 browsers? Adding a 'media="all"' to the 'link rel="stylesheet"' is
fully sufficient until NS4 finally disappeared completely, we really don't
need to include browser detection and frames just for one old browser. I'd
suggest to revert all corresponding changes again.


PS: Excuse me for using this language, but after all those changes the site
at http://wwwtesting.kde.org/ looks like shit now.

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