wwwtesting: Strange forces at work?

Olaf Jan Schmidt ojschmidt at kde.org
Sun Feb 2 00:26:13 UTC 2003

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[Christoph Cullmann]
> > Isn't it possible to have the header and footer depend on the
> > browser?

In that case, we should have one version for only Netscape 4.x, and 
another one for all other Browsers, since testing for text browsers and 
screen readers is impossible.

> Would be doable, only question if it is worth the work to have 2
> codebases to work on. Would have no concern do to so, if really needed.

We would need two codebases anyway when we use tables for Netscape 4.7, 
since then we need an accessible version The accessible version could 
then be just as well be the default.

Testing for a Netscape Usaer agent string is also much easier then making 
sure that all links in a seperated accessible version always point to the 
accessible versions for all KDE domains using the new layout.


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