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Sun Aug 24 02:45:12 UTC 2003

On Sat, 23 Aug 2003, Chris Howells wrote:

> Thanks very much for pointing out both those issues, I've hopefully fixed both
> of them now.

Yes, it's much better now. Unfortunately, I've run into major
problems with the section KDE News.

1) "KDE News is a much frequented place for KDE users and developers,
insightful articles helps promoting features and broadening the audience
for KDE."

To be honest, I'm not entirely sure what this sentence is trying to say.
I assume it's something along on the lines of:

"KDE New is a much frequented place for KDE users and developers, which
provides insightful articles that promote the features of and broaden the
audience for KDE."

Please advise.

2) "You can pick up an application or an area or a guy/gal you like, and
make a full interview of him/her."

There should _not_ be an "up" after "pick." "You can pick an
application...".  There's also broken parallelism, since the first
half talks about an application, and area, and a person, and the
second only about a person. Finally, I apologize if this is simply a
difference between US and UK English, but at least in American English
you "do" an interview, as opposed to "make" an interview. Thus, my
suggested replacement is

"You can pick an application or a person you like, and write an
feature on that application or do a full interview of that person."

3) "Look in the community what kind of related questions regarding
   your picked topic are frequent."

I'm not sure what exactly is wrong with this sentence, other than the
fact that I had to read it three times before I understood it. How
about replacing it with something like

"When writing on an application, explore what questions related to it
are of greatest interest to the community."

4-5) "When you pick a KDE application, you can extensively review all
the capabilities of the application. Talk to the developers about the
future development, compare it with other applications, etc."

This OK, except that I'd suggesting omitting "the" in front of
"future" (and dropping the first clause, if you accept my replacement
for 3).

6) "This helps to promote the KDE desktop and makes readers aware of
existing and new features in KDE."

Just perfect. Leave it the way it is. :)


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