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Fri Aug 15 13:52:52 UTC 2003

Hi Dear friend,

I send you this email Because I find you sign some traffic exchange program . Maybe you will be interested in some low 
cost popup traffic .Yep , it's low cost and real traffic. 

ADVERTISERS !! 1000 Unique PopUp only 1.5$

Every Visitor to your Site is a Potential Customer! 
And we will send your website with REAL visitors who will see ONLY your page displayed in a full-screen format.
Our member network displays over 5,000,000 popup windows a month to pre-qualified buyers in a wide range of traffic . 
Add your Campaign and add funds , we will Create an real time stat account for you .

When you order 100,000 popup traffic ,that you will be got 100,000 visits in your site , also you will be got 100,000 
exchange credits in your exchange account for more US/CA traffic.You will be got more 200,000 traffic with low cost .

Maybe you interested in . 

Pay via paypal , read-time stat .

Unique Visitors  Cost           Order   
-5,000           $7.5          (Paypal, Credit Card)  
-10,000          $15           (Paypal, Credit Card)  
-25,000          $35           (Paypal, Credit Card)  
-50,000          $70           (Paypal, Credit Card)  
-100,000         $130          (Paypal, Credit Card)  
-250,000         $330          (Paypal, Credit Card)  
-500,000         $650          (Paypal, Credit Card)  

If you interested in Contact me .:)
Email:traffic at 0670.com

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