[Sysadmin] changes for pim.kde.org

Dirk Mueller mueller at kde.org
Sat Aug 9 17:48:13 UTC 2003

On Die, 05 Aug 2003, Klaus Staerk wrote:

> > Could you please consider importing it into www/areas/pim? 
> Personally, I don't care if they are placed in "/devel-home/kdepim/pimpage/"
> or in "www/areas/pim" - but I'd like to discuss this point with Cornelius.

Well, I do care a little ;-) I understand and support that you want to have 
a different look for pim.kde.org. However I don't understand that you don't 
want to use the new framework and its features, including easy installation 
and maintenance of localized versions, accessibility features etc. 
Accessibility is an important point. 

I'm sure those people who designed the new web framework will help you with 
porting the contents. 

> So, could you please change the webserver setting as described until we have
> a final solution of the cvs placement of the pages?

I did that for now. 


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