crystal energy resource/book at at
Thu Aug 7 22:21:32 UTC 2003

Hello, my name is Seth and I am contacting you requesting your thoughts and opinions about my website:
I am attempting to create an informative resource on crystal energy and other holistic modalities, as well as convert some of this information into practical application.  I think this website has much relevant information and, after finding your address on the internet, it seems as though we share some common interests.  My website is an online publication of a book named 'CRYSTAL ENERGY', along with links to other related sites.  I have quite a few interesting links and I am always looking for new link partners.
I am curious to hear what you think of this website.
Thank You,
Seth at
P.S.   I do attempt to get insight from many people that I have never talked to.  I assure you that you are NOT part of some mailing list.  I don't use mailing lists because I prefer more personalized contact, if you don't respond to me than I will not e-mail you again.

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