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Datschge datschge at
Mon Aug 4 14:56:17 UTC 2003

Olaf wrote:
> /helping/ has a different wording than /support/ and seems to be a bit
> more detailed.
> I suggest integrating the content from /helping/ into /support/.

Yes, but  /helping/ offers fewer links to places where you can get more 
information. Also I don't see what's on /helping/ which is completely omitted 
on /support/ (except extensive wording, that is). If /support/ is still 
missing some specific important information I'm willing to contribute it as 
soon as I know about it.

> I also suggest moving "Supporting KDE" from the "Inform" section to the
> "Communicate" section, where "Helping Out" is now.

Please don't! /support/ is a generic information page where you can inform 
yourself about all possible ways how to support KDE, it's not at all 
restricted or even focussed on communicating, so moving it to the 
"Communicate" section will be irritating at best and very conter productive 
since only covering a small part of its purpose at worst. Furthermore 
/helping/ as of now is pushed far off the visible page for most visitors 
since the "Inform" and "Download" sections already take the main share of the 
most visible top of the page. I'd rather talk about how to make /support/ 
even more visible instead moving it away from everyone's sight.

Cheers, Datschge

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