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Tue Apr 29 10:19:18 UTC 2003

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On Tuesday 29 April 2003 11:11, Jason Bainbridge wrote:
> I think they are referring to the site about the progress and details of
> the Polish translation of KDE at
> http://mer.chemia.polsl.gliwice.pl/kde/transl/ and not maintaining a
> Polish version of the actual http://kde.org website.

Oops, seems you're right :)

> I'll be getting broadband finally later in the week so I can start doing
> more contributing again as I'll be able to get online with Linux again,
> I just can't get into any website development stuff with XP (blame my
> laptop's winmodem) for some reason. If nobody has done so by then I will
> look at adding the i18n calls and

Excellent. It will be a big job though :) I wonder if there's a way to 
automate it using perl...

> generating the (.pot?) files for the
> translators and try to co-ordinate that.

I was planning on generating the .po files on ktown so that they can be 
distributed to translators via CVS.

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