ok, so *WHERE* do I find them?

Alan Larson alarson at switchanddata.com
Mon Apr 21 21:30:28 UTC 2003

> Konsole is not new.  It has been around for a long time and has
> completely replaced kvt.  It is used full-time by many of us, and I'm
> not aware of the bug that you mention below.  This may be an issue
> specific to FreeBSD or your packages...  more information is
> necessary.

  Thanks.  I have been using kconsole, but it is an older version, which
works just fine.

> Personally, I find Konsole fantastic and simply can't tolerate
> inferiour terminal programs anymore.  The ability to quickly switch
> between shells with a shortcut is indispensable.

  I agree.  ATL-tab does it just fine, and I can see them each
in their own window.

> >   So, where do I get the old 2.1 "terminal" program?  Where do I get
> > the old icons?  They sure aren't anywhere I can find them.
> What version of KDE are you using?  All you should have to do is
> install kdeartwork go to KControl->Icons and select/apply the Lo or Hi
> colour icon themes.

  3.1.  I go there, and the only choice is Conectiva Crystal - SVG ...
There are no others to select.


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