ok, so *WHERE* do I find them?

Alan Larson alarson at switchanddata.com
Mon Apr 21 20:14:18 UTC 2003


  tells us that the prior icons are in kdeartwork and on the kde-look

  I find them in *neither* place.  Is this bad indexing, or arrogance
that says "use our style"?

  I *like* the style that came with the old kde 2.1 on Freebsd 4.3.
More features, like media players, would be nice, but I don't want
a replacement for Microsoft Windows, I want a replacement for CDE.

  As such, I just want to put up windows on the various screens, and
have a working terminal emulator.  The old "Terminal" worked fine,
without the confusion of the new Konsole.  The old program also didn't
truncate the bottom parts of the bottom rows of characters at times,
like the new one does.

  So, where do I get the old 2.1 "terminal" program?  Where do I get
the old icons?  They sure aren't anywhere I can find them.


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