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Olaf Jan Schmidt ojschmidt at kde.org
Thu Apr 17 08:08:37 UTC 2003

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[Navindra Umanee]
> http://static.kdenews.org/mirrors/root66/kdewww-beta-20021112.png
> Looks awesome!  The logo has been improved and additional art has been
> added to the webpage.  This is what root66's latest design was.

Well, I was very sad when Chris replaced Sebastian's design with the 
design now called "KDE Window color style". At the time, Chris said we 
wanted to change the technical implementation of the design, but not how 
it looked.

Later, Chris also changed the colours of the design to the window colour 
style that is now default. I thought "what does Sebastian think about 
this?", but since Chris is a maintainer of kde.org, I thought he would be 
in contact with Sebastian about this.

I personally didn't like this change at all, but I am not a maintainer, 
and at that time, I was very frustrated myself after I got flamed by one 
of the maintainers. After my own frustration was settled, I send a mail 
to Sebastian, offering him to write a new css file so that the new site 
looks again like his original design. He answered me that he does not 
want me to do this, since this was not his design and didn't want people 
to confuse this with his design.

> Someone wanted to add the boxes back as I recall, I hope we can add
> the art too and take it all the way...

Yes, Chris wanted to do that, so I guess his aim never was to replace 
Sebastian's design with something completely different.
I don't know if Sebastian has ever contacted Chris about his frustration, 
and I don't know if Chris or any of the other maintainers ever contacted 
Sebastian about him leaving the web team.
I was sometimes frustrated myself by missing responses to my work with the 
style sheets, and by lack of maintainer enthusiasm about keeping the 
promise to have a vote for the default style, so I can really understand 
Sebastian's frustration. But Sebastian didn't post any comment on the 
mailing list, so I don't know whether the maintainers are aware of his 
frustration at all.

I am simply a contributor, so I think it is the task of the three 
maintainers to settle this.


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