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Olaf Jan Schmidt ojschmidt at kde.org
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[Unai Garro]
> I'm writing you here about the logo competition that you organised a
> short while ago. From what I know, read, and heard, it seems that the
> only reason for organising this competition is that you actually don't
> have the sources for the current logo, and you would like to modify it
> for other sites.

That's right. The logo we currently have on kde.org is very beautiful, but 
the logo author told us that he doesn't have the source available.

> Not only that: he says that he shares the sources with whoever wants
> them.

Sebastian (the author) told us iotherwise in a message to this list:


In the meantime, Navindra posted some psd files that Sebastain send him. 
These do not contain the soucr for the beautiful logo we have on the 
site, but the source of a different logo. Should we regard this as a 
competition entry?

> Now... I don't know why exactly you have organised this competition
> then, not even why you didn't try to contact the author about this
> matter. People in general like the logo and the author has the sources.
> So what's the problem?

Well, the author already told us he does NOT have the logo source and that 
the logo was never intended for use on this site.

> From my understanding point, I find that you are doing a pretty cruel
> thing to this artist, who has spent the time doing this logo, especially
> when you have been using the logo for so long, not even mentioning who
> made it.

Sebastian was not only contributing a logo, but a whole, very beautiful 
design for kde.org. Apart from the logo, nothing of it is present on the 
current site. I am not sure what exactly happened. I will address this in 
a second mail.


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