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Wed Apr 9 19:51:20 UTC 2003

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Product  = KDE 3.1 
Company =
Listing Description  = KDE 3.1, easily the strongest Open Source desktop ever to ship, offers a bountiful basket of new goodies for just about everyone. Email Security. On the PIM front, the email client (KMail)  has gained several important privacy and security enhancements - namely S/MIME, PGP/MIME and X.509v3 support.  KDE 3.1 gives birth to the new lock-down framework, which is essentially a permissions-based system for managing application configuration options. The many fans of tabbed browsing will be delighted by this latest enhancement to the KDE web browser. File Management. The file manager (Konqueror) offers users a panacopia of new goodies, including folder icons which reflect a folder's contents and a video thumbnail generator. See for more features. 

Title		= marketing
Contact      =
Phone Number      = (+1) 703 390 9060 
Fax Number = 
Web Site     =
Type         = Best Linux Desktop Manager
Address        = online only
Address2       = 
City    = Tubingen
State     = GR
Zip Code         = 10000
Country        = Germany
E-Mail Address       = webmaster at

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