'Design a New Logo for KDE.org' Contest Entry

Ralf Doewich ralf.doewich at industrialflair.com
Mon Apr 7 02:47:45 UTC 2003


here are the links to the artwork for my 'Design a New Logo for KDE.org'
contest entry:

'K' crystal logo,   PNG format

'KDE' crystal logo, PNG format

'K' line artwork,   PNG format

'KDE' line artwork, PNG format

'K' logo artwork,   PNG format

'KDE' logo artwork, PNG format

'KDE' website title

'KED' website icons

'K' & 'KDE' logos,  PSD format

'K' design file,
'KDE' design file,  ZIP format

Free Art License

Coming up with a new design, or a variation on an existing logo is much
harder than creating one completely from scratch. With my version, I was
aiming for a very clean, uncluttered design.

The proposed artwork went through a number of permutations, where I
intentionally kept the gear design almost resembling a sun, which (at least
in my mind) always stood for energy, the source of new life and renewal.
Positioning the gear and 'K' elements proved to be tricky since I wanted a
compact yet easily recognizable logo, even when compressing it down to the
size of an icon. Eventually I ended up with something that could even be
'read' as OK, which I didn't mind either. ;)

The design also tries to express some of the character of KDE. I liked the
idea of the gear, being a synonymous with something very technical, complex
and intricate, in which many parts work together to form a whole. At the
same time I somehow wanted to convey that KDE is still evolving, being
worked on in a large collaborative effort.

ralf.doewich at industrialflair.com

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