Competition: Design a New Logo for

Navindra Umanee navindra at
Tue Apr 1 23:50:09 UTC 2003

Everaldo|N3O <everaldo at> wrote:
> I think it is not necessary to change the logo

We don't have the source that's why.  In other words, if you can offer
us the source to the current logo, we can enter it in the contest...
Since I'm guessing we're not going to get many entries it'll very
likely win.  Taking the liberty to quote from Rainer:

- From the contest rules:

"Ideally, the logo should be easily modifiable in order to accommodate the
various subdomains (such as the Usability and PIM sites). Therefore,
it is a requirement that the source file be available -- preferably in The
Gimp's XCF format although Photoshop's PSD format is also acceptable. Any
fonts used for the image will need to be made available."

This, is exactly the problem with the current design and many other graphics
in KDE. The source is not available. There is no way to later modify or
translate the graphics.

When you provide us with an .xcf or .psd file and the fonts used, for the
current "logo", excellent. ;)


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