Fwd: KDE.org pages

Klaus Stärk klaus.staerk at gmx.net
Fri Sep 20 06:36:27 UTC 2002

Hi Neil,

> Please use XHTML.  Much of KDE's functionality depends on the setting and 
> following of accepted standards.  KDE's page should do the same as a 
> courtesy.
> Please use CSS to set background colors wherever you set a text color, to 
> keep the page legible without loading iamges.

As I said in my announcement, this is just a first proposal without using
any validated (X)HTML, CSS or PHP-stuff. At the moment it' just a "hack" - and
when we come to a point where we say: hey: this looks great - then we can
transfer the whole thing into a proper validated shape.

> I would suggest that every link available at the top should also be 
> available on the left.  This way, when the user wants to find something, 
> he only has to look down one list, instead of having to look around 
> everywhere, perhaps not even seeing those links on the top.

Ok, sounds good to me.

> Let's let the change bring measurable improvements, instead of being
> change for the sake of change.

Right, but do you think we change just for the sake of a change? Hey, this
is just an alpha version of a proposal!

Best regards,


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