Keramik demo page is online!

Klaus Staerk klaus.staerk at
Wed Sep 18 18:34:21 UTC 2002

Hi all,

the last days, I was thinking and brainstorming, hacking and painting about a 
new Keramik-like layout for the KDE webpages.

Now here's a first preview of what I worked out. You can find it in KDE CVS at 

or within an hour online at

I placed this layout just temporarily to this place (didn't know where else to 
place it ...).

Maybe we have a first structure with this now - please let me know what you 
think about it. Please keep in mind that it's still "alpha", so: there's no 
such thing as validated (X)HTML, CSS or PHP. ;-)

The headline "the K Desktop Environment" is also just a dummy for the moment. 
And I still haven't found a place for the hotspot and the "search"-function 

Please feel free to distribute this information to other KDE mailing lists (as 
for e.g. people from the "devel corner" asked for a new layout, too)

Best regards,


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