Representing your business in Russia

Oksana Svetlova org at
Sat Sep 14 03:20:22 UTC 2002


It is Oksana Svetlova again, St.Petersburg, Russia.

We, or you with one of my colleagues, were discussing 
pro quality,low-cost web-design, and programming 
services for a while ago. Well, it is 
still valid, if any assistance in IT needed, welcome, 
just let me know details, they'll return a quote. 

However, I would like to discuss another thing. It's 
been economic growth in Russia for the last 2 years, 
consumer, and business demand is growing. Did you 
already consider Russian market for your business?

I might suggest how to expand to Russia with almost 
no investment. I can research for Russian companies,
interested in representation, and selling your 
products/services in Russia. It may be from a single 
person to a big company, from a well-controllable 
subsidiary, to franchising, to an independent dealer, 
as you decide.

My work will be to find, and conduct/facilitate 
preliminary negotiations with your future partner, 
translate talks, if needed. Your function will be 
consulting your Russian partner on the marketing 
strategy, and tactics. Your partner will be 
responsible for implementation of your sales plan 
in Russia - Moscow, St.Petersburg, and, possibly, 
other regions. This will allow you as well as your 
partner to profit from the joint business.

And here are my conditions: My service may cost from 
US$500, depending on complexity. Your payment follows 
_after_ you arrive at the partnership, dealership, or 
representation agreement with _at least_ 1 of the 
several candidates I provide.

Do you feel this may be a workable idea, and are the
conditions fair in your opinion? If yes, what variant 
of representation, you think, is the right one for 
your business, strategically?

Thank you very much,
Oksana Svetlova.
org at

PS. Yes, just in case the first topic is relevant, 
to check the quality - web and programming samples 
are still at

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