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Tue Sep 3 19:14:23 UTC 2002

Hi Marko,
Hi all,

sorry for answering that late ...

On Friday 23 August 2002 13:43, marko faas wrote:
> > And the next thing is: many
> > visitors are business users as well as private users in one person. Do
> > you know what I mean?
> I know. Well, they can have a look at both sections.
> In the end, we will have to think about target groups. You just cannot
> place a child right onto the university. For example, assume I am new to
> KDE and new to Linux. I've heard about KDE and I want to know what it
> is. So I head for What do I find there?
> - And introduction text that mentions 'Open Source', 'Unix workstations'
> ("I thought KDE was for Linux?"), 'development' (Why should someone who
> is just interested want to subscribe to developer mailinglists??).
> - News about beta's. ("Cool, lets download for my Windows XP and see
> what it does!" There is NO mention that it just don't work with Windows
> XP).
> - News: "KC KDE #43 is up" ("What the heck is KC KDE?")

Okay, but I would still place these sections in the navigation bar and not let 
the visitor choose at the first page. There are IMO too many topics that are 
interesting for all target groups - and showing them up in all sections 
brings too much confusion, really.

> > > Of course, tehre is so much info already available, that most of
> > > just should be reshuffled. Some info should be rewritten with
> > > more consideration to the target groups, but al in all, I think a
> > > resuffle can be done fairly quick.
> >
> > Yes, that's what I meant. Bringing our structure into a new, better
> > order. And rewrite the texts of our pages.
> Ok, but if you rewrite the pages, who do you imagine as reader? And what
> does the reader know already? As soon as you will try to put a letter in
> KWord, you will have to ask yourself this question. And then, I am sure,
> you will end up with similar target groups that I have proposed.

True, Mark. But let's keep the sections more "open" by taking them to the 
navbar (as mentioned above) - so a user can switch from one section to 
another very easy.

> > Hm, maybe we should start with a proposal for a new layout for the KDE
> > pages, what do you think?
> I agree, but before we start designing, we should tell the designer
> *what* to design. So we have to come up with an basic interaction
> design. Hopefully based on my proposals ;-)

How was this handled in the past when the KDE-pages were 
re-launched/re-designed? Were there several proposals made by the KDE 
artists? How else has to be involved in this process?

Best regards,

Klaus :-)

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