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here (after reading the tons of mails that arrived on that list 
today/yesterday) is my opinion/statement about that whole thingy,
please read: "statement", not start of next flames ;) Any comments on that 
please go via private mail to me instead of polluting that list just more.
Some stuff here sounds like echos from some of my older mails, but wanted to 
give a more complete overview about what I think.

1. Style guide:
I can agree with the most stuff written down on:
The requirements there are quite close to my personal preferences and should 
be respected. I don't want some 1:1 obeying of that specs, they are just a 
good guideline to what we want to go, but still some artistic freedom needs 
to be allowed (but don't think that will be a problem)

2. Stuff under
There is the location of root66 draft, that is a "DESIGN" draft and the 
content is more or less a mockup, oriented on the stuff which is currently on 
our mainpage. Yes, appsy is missing, but that is not intentional and that is 
not: "We want to drop Appsy". The content is a seperated thingy, we should 
put up somewhere a first draft of the new menu structure / content, too.

3. Whole * disscussion:
- - appsy won't be removed, at least not by me (guess jaseone + physos can agree 
  on that, too, that's a guess, no prediction), same for dot, just to vanish 		
  all thoughts about that

- - Each * page has it's own maintainer, that's their responsibility to 
  take our new design or not, same for appsy or dot. We can only give them
  good reasons to switch, no force. (If anybody could and wanted to do so any 
  talk here would not have happend)

- - Andreas and "his" appsy page are no enemies from outerspace.
  Andreas is a member of KDE e.V. and a well respected member of our community 
  (just as most of the people taking part in that disscussion on the list) and 
  I really respect his work on appsy and trust him that he will keep the appsy 
  stuff open and free for our community.

Now, should be enough from my side, atm.


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