discussion? where? well, not here...

Navindra Umanee navindra at cs.mcgill.ca
Mon Nov 25 03:45:00 UTC 2002

Neil Stevens <neil at qualityassistant.com> wrote:
> It was generally agreed upon that the reason people visit www.kde.org is 
> not to see any conent there itself, but rather to find other KDE sites.  
> So www.kde.org was to be made a "portal" (not the word I started using for 
> it) to other KDE sites.

Well it's not true.  As a user I went to KDE.org all the time for the
latest news and updates.  People *STILL DO*.  All the time.  

So I'm afraid you are making some bad assumptions on the part of the
www.kde.org readership.  I'm glad we got to the core of this.

But if by "portal" you mean exactly what we have right now, then
consider the matter dropped.

> Then you started making your demands that the site be cluttered with links 
> to your weeks-late security warnings.

Take this decision up with security at kde.org or KDE e.V. please.  I had
nothing to do with it.  And I'm not a politician, so I'm not impressed
by this line of attack.


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