Navindra Umanee navindra at
Mon Nov 25 03:29:41 UTC 2002

Neil Stevens <neil at> wrote:
> So you're not willing to do squat but complain?

If you want to rip out the current and replace it with an
inferior "portal", you better dang well defend it.

> If you want advertising to your site made integral to the site, 

I guess as someone running a "competing" news site I can see as how
you can see this is a competition between enemies.  It's not.  Didn't
we "advertise" all your sites when you first launched?  It's not my
problem if you choose your websites not to be part of the KDE project.

> But as it stands, you sit and take potshots at eveyrone else's suggestions, 
> without making a single proposal of your own, or committing to use the 
> results.  That's unfair to everyone else involved.

Sorry, I'm not a politician either, Neil.  Political double talk
doesn't work well with me as I don't live in your black and white


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