Navindra Umanee navindra at
Mon Nov 25 03:13:54 UTC 2002

Rob Kaper <cap at> wrote:
> Is there a reason (other than the historical one) appsy couldn't be 
>, within the same sort of theme/look? That would be the most 
> user-friendly solution.

In the past Andreas already offered to themify with a look, but IIRC nobody considered it particularly necessary or
important at the time.  I believe Andreas made the site themable

At this junction I believe that the redesign of and
participating sub-sites can remain pretty much independent and doesn't
need to block on the requirement that all the other related sites
update.  Eventually, the other sites may change of course, but asking
Andreas to do extra work as a new "condition" now might not be
particularly fair either.

Btw, if someone wants to provide small improvements for the dot, I'm
willing to consider them personally, but overall I don't feel a big
need to change ("break") something that is well-liked and works well.
I do change the icons/art from time to time when qwertz asks me to
though.  If someone can think of a better colour scheme, I'm willing
to look into that too.  Just send me the updated HTML for the index

> I agree that a small ticker to appsy on the front page shouldn't be a real 
> problem. I hardly use the site myself, but it makes sense to me to put 
> updates on KDE applications on


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