discussion? where? well, not here...

Navindra Umanee navindra at cs.mcgill.ca
Mon Nov 25 02:00:06 UTC 2002

Neil Stevens <neil at qualityassistant.com> wrote:
> Are they what's important?  I thought we'd all agreed that the point of the 
> top-level site was to serve as a "portal" to other KDE sites?  That the 
> links were most important?

"Portal" is nothing but a buzzword.  The current webpage is great
currently with constantly updated content, conveying up to date
information, useful for users and doing the job of announcing the
latest work of the developers.  People actually have a reason to visit

Changing www.kde.org simply so that it conforms to the notion conveyed
by a buzzword would be a step back, not an improvement.


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