Navigation Part II

Mat Colton mat.colton at
Wed Nov 13 21:48:29 UTC 2002

Hi all,
I would like to go on explaining my thoughts on the global navigation.
Where I stopped last night:
- The main navigation should go into the header since it is global
- It should constist of on a few links so we have a clear concept that will 
work for as many sites as possible and make all participating sites
- The local navigation should be in the content area since the links in there 
somehow have something to do with the content.

Now let's see if the concept really works. I suggested to use the following 
global links (based on Sebastians ideas):
- Inform  
- Download  
- Develop  
- Related  Links
- Sitemap 
"Website Settings" is a further link but I'm not sure if all sites can offer 
this option, so we'll put it away for now.
Now let's see if this global KDE navigation menu will work for the site of a 
KDE application. For example, let's take . Don't flame 
me for the code. :P 
Ok, the Kooka website has the following links in the global navigation: 
- Home 
- News Archive   
- Screenshots   
- Future Plans   
- Download   
- Documentation   
- Libkscan   
- Contact   
Using the global navigation labels, I would sort it this way:
Inform would include "News Archive" , "Future Plans", "Screenshots" and 
Download would be a direct link to the download page.
Develop would be a direct link to the Libkscan page.
Related Links would be a direct link to the "Links" page which is not 
available in the global navigation ATM.
Sitemap would be a direct link to , yes, you guessed it, the sitemap.

Leaves us with two links left over: "Home" and "Contact"
Oh yes, how could I forget that yesterday... Ok, they have to be a part of the 
global navigation. If I include "Home" and "Contact" to the global 
navigation labels, then it will work for me on
By now we have the following global links:
- Home
- Inform  
- Download  
- Develop  
- Related  Links
- Contact
- Sitemap 
Getting pretty large... "Related Links" could go to "Inform". Not that we 
should do it now. Just keep it as an option in case we feel the navigation is 
to crowded later on.
Back to If I redesign the navigation/site structure to the specs a visitor who has been on will understand where to find 
the information he is looking for. Even the accesskeys are the same. Not only 
the *look* of the site will be the same as, but also the *feel*. This 
is very nice IMO. 
I did this check with quite a few KDE related sites which are somewhat using 
the design. It worked just fine with most of the sites. But I would 
like to show a problem I encountered more than once.
Let's try some other site, maybe .
I would sort it this way: 
Inform would include the "Learn" links
Download would include the "Download" links
Develop would include ???
Related Links would include the "Family" links
Contact would include the "Contact" links
So it works fine exept with "Develop". IMO "Develop" should contain 
information for current or potential developers. doesn't seem 
to offer information on that account. There are two solutions I can imagine:
1. Make a default page in case something like this occurs. A page in which a 
webmaster can fill in a few fields, in the simplist case only linking off to 
the basic developer support. 
2. Drop that link out of the global navigation. 
Hmm, which one would you prefer? Any better ideas? I think this problem can be 
solved, so IMO the basic concept works so far.

I hope this post gave you a better idea of my thoughts on the global 
navigation I introduced in my original post. As you can see the concept is 
easy to use/maintain, cross-site consistent in terms of look'n'feel and 
straight forward.


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