Quo vadis kde.org?

Sebastian Faubel s.faubel at web.de
Tue Nov 12 10:42:17 UTC 2002

> As always, I try to remind you ppl to check usability (though a bit more harsh 
> this time...):
> - The page is a pain in the a** using a screen reader, unusable due to the 
> structure. Tested it with JAWS and IE, which is the most used combination for 
> visually impaired. Many ppl think most visually impaired users use Lynx for 
> feeding their screen reader. Well, it's not true, most use IE (not that I 
> like it) and some additional software.

that's why we added several alternative stylesheets...*

> - Try setting the font size to large in IE to see how ppl with visual problems 
> (not blind) look at the site. The site is unusable. Oh, and while you're at 
> it, try the same with the current kde.org design to see how fine that works. 
> Usability and WAI is not only about getting rid of tables and making print 
> style sheets. Oohh, the design uses tables... I thought that was outta there, 
> well... 

making a accessible & practical design doesn't mean that you never use
tables anymore. i think you misunderstand something.

> - The design gets into trouble on higher resolutions. The "Inform" and 
> "Related Links" fields are too small on 1600x1200 and higher displays. The 
> boxes get over sized due to the average font size I use with Konqueror. The 
> "link box" headlines should not be fixed to a specific size. I didn't really 
> look at the code, so I don't know how it was done, but the line with those 
> headers and the search field doesn't scale with the users font size. Besides 
> that, resolutions are getting larger and we don't want to have to redesign 
> the site in a year...

the "link box" is not fixed to a specific but relative size. the issue
you are talking about is a bug in KHTML rendering engine. try to reload
the page a few times...

All the fonts are relative and indeed scale with the settings of the

What's that all people talking about - on the one hand they want a
design "100% accessible in any way" even for visually disabled and at
the same time "flashy" looking at 1600 x 1200* 
Please go on - do so!

> - There are far too many links on the page. As Marko Faas pointed out, many of 
> them are confusing or useless. I know this is just a design study. But 
> anyway, crop of the confusing/useless links and the site will work with a one 
> sided menu. I know we are trying to get the layout straight, not the content, 
> but we have to keep the content in mind when doing the layout.

I think it's not a shame to give people a bunch of links they can refer

> - I see no way of making the global navigation usable via logical HTML 
> accesskeys which is the favorite way of the visually impaired to navigate 
> through sites. At least jumping through the links with the TAB key seems to 
> work well.
> On a related but OT matter, Konquerer 3.0.4 doesn't support accesskeys...

> So what I'm saying is that the design itself is not up to what it should be 
> IMO. It actually looks quite nice, but it's a screen design, not a web 
> design. The web is not only displayed on screens.* referring to your comments

> There is no big difference 
> to many possible users between the current design and something done in Flash 
> when it comes down to accessability/usability. But of course we can do like 
> most of the web developers, assume IE and 1024x768 with standard font 
> settings is what everybody uses...
> Root66 has claimed '...we saw that the "usability" group and me are obviously 
> aiming different targets.'. 

right, as i experienced I'm obviously the only one taking IE and 800x600
as a measure ;-) cheers.

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