Quo vadis kde.org?

Mat Colton mat.colton at web-xs.de
Mon Nov 11 03:09:01 UTC 2002

Am Montag, 11. November 2002 03:54 schrieb Mat Colton:
> Am Samstag, 9. November 2002 19:09 schrieb Christoph Cullmann:
> > Hash: SHA1
> > 2. an other new modified version of testing up:
> > www.kde.org/testing/modified-4
> As always, I try to remind you ppl to check usability (though a bit more
> harsh this time...):
> - Try setting the font size to large in IE to see how ppl with visual
> problems (not blind) look at the site. The site is unusable.
> Oh, and while
> you're at it, try the same with the current kde.org design to see how fine
> that works. 

Try it with Konqueror as well. All the stuff I claim here is valid for 
Konqueror, Moz, whatever...
I was just mentioning IE because most visually impaired use it.

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