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marko faas argus at
Mon Nov 11 00:04:46 UTC 2002

On Sat, 2002-11-09 at 19:09, Christoph Cullmann wrote:
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> 1. Still no answer from physos, perhaps on vacation ?
> 2. an other new modified version of testing up:

It keeps getting better and better.

Some remarks:
- The right menu is too large within Konqueror. It steals space from the
content area.

- To my opinion, the search is too big. Can't we get it all on one line
instead of three? A bit smaller would be nice also. Then it won't have
to 'fight' with Welcome too much.

- Can we PLEASE loose the term i18n? It is way too geeky and (thus) not
understandable for the average user. And besides, we have the
internationalisation already in the drop down menu.

- Talking about internationalisation, how can I translate the menu's
into Dutch? how can I incorperate the content?  The way it is going now,
it seems I have to translate in between the HTML-codes. Should we
re-edit everything or can it be inserted into the new design
automatically? If we have to re-do everything, can we come up with a
system so we don't have to do it again if we change the design in future
again? Multilanguagable is very important and thus there should be a
good system to do so. 
And yes, I really find CVS past tense. I prefer a good content
management system that just lets me translate and tells me about
important documents and different kinds of documents. For example
announcements vs. FAQ vs. handbook vs. applications)

- Website settings and mirrors can go too imho. They are also in drop
down menus. I like my idea of the quotes very much, can't we enter this
again? I am willing to fill a database of those (and translate them in
Dutch too) and put new ones in on a regular basis. Would be nice if the
quote will be ad random, so you have something new every time you visit

About the menus:
- The right menu is ok, but I would like to rethink the left menu. Inho
it is very confusing. for example, what is the difference between
'Stable Version' and 'KDE 3.0.3'? What is the difference between
'Documentation' and 'FAQ'? Why are 'Awards' within the Inform section?
If I click on 'KDE 3.1 Beta' ain't I exploring? So why is that link not
in Explore?
- How do you envision the submenu in the different area's? Nested within
the menu or at another place? If it is nested, wouldn't it be good to
have a kind of mouse-over or layers that expand the menu?
- Within the content area, it says 'Welcome'. Shouldn;t we provide a
'
- I have the idea some maintainers of family sites are willing to
encorperate their sites into the new/reshuffled If so,
should we replace the link from links to the left menu?

If you agree that the left menu is too confusing, I will post a new
terminology of the left menu soon.

A btw, Sebastian, for the titles and links etc, you could see if you can
use my proposal. It is in plain HTML though.

Anyway, keep up the good work you all!

Marko Faas
(argus at

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